Attack From Mars Pinball Machine


Condition: Refurbished

Year Released: 1995

Dimensions: 29″ W x 58″ D x 77″ H

Weight: 250 lbs

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Attack From Mars Pinball Machine by Bally

Embark on an intergalactic adventure with the legendary Attack from Mars Pinball Machine, a thrilling blend of nostalgic gameplay and modern technology that promises to captivate both seasoned pinball enthusiasts and new players alike. This iconic machine, often abbreviated as AFM Pinball, offers a seamless fusion of high-energy excitement and strategic depth, making it a standout addition to any game room or collection.

The allure of the Attack from Mars Pinball Machine lies in its engaging storyline — defend Earth from an audacious Martian invasion! The vibrantly themed playfield is meticulously designed to immerse players in a world where they’re humanity’s last line of defense. With strategic flips and skillful shots, you’ll target the Martian spaceships, triggering whimsical animations and satisfying sound effects that echo the classic ’90s arcade ambiance.

This machine isn’t just about nostalgia; it has been engineered with precision to ensure a robust and fluid pinball experience. The Attack from Mars Pinball features sleek ramps, challenging multi-ball modes, and interactive toys that enhance gameplay complexity. The notorious “Big-O-Beam” saucer magnet adds an unpredictable twist, capturing the ball mid-air for suspenseful moments that keep players on their toes.

Each game is a new quest for high scores, with numerous secrets and surprises tucked within the cabinet’s corners. Skill shots, hidden modes, and Easter eggs await those determined enough to uncover them — providing endless replayability. Additionally, the vibrant LED lighting system accentuates the machine’s dynamic elements while reducing energy consumption.

Whether you’re looking to relive cherished memories or create new ones, this machine will bring the thrill of the arcade into your home. So prepare your reflexes, aim for the high score, and save our planet one flip at a time with the unparalleled excitement of the Attack from Mars Pinball Machine.

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attack from mars pinball machine

Attack From Mars Pinball Machine